Cultured marble is not real stone, but rather is a composite of ground stone and polyester resin, and offers advantages versus real stone. Cultured marble is less costly than real stone, can be made with pigments and additives, creating endless color possibilities, and can be molded into almost any shape.


 The end product is an attractive, cost effective and extremely convenient sink and countertop, or other products like shower walls and base.

· Custom and standard size vanity tops with edge styles from a standard ¾” square edge to a variety of l 1/2″ thick decorative edges.

· 3 Color Groups: Onyx, Solid, or Granite.

· 2 Finishes: Gloss or Matte

· Custom and standard size shower bases.

· Tub and shower walls, tub decks and accessories that deliver smooth, clean, rich looking surfaces without the maintenance headaches of grout lines.