Care of Stainless Steel Sinks


• Lightly rinse and wipe down your sink after every use.
• Regularly use mild, bleach free cleaner to wipe your sink to remove any unseen buildup.
• Regularly disinfect your sink with a light bleach solution, disinfectant wipe, or a mild
anti-bacterial solution. Also, thoroughly rinse your sink to relieve any residue or buildup.
• Check your water quality. Hard water can cause buildup that can damage your sink over
time and cause rusting.
• If you have a stubborn stain, remove by scrubbing in the direction of the grain with a mild
abrasive such as Comet.

Not Recommended:

• Metal scouring pads and steel wool can cause rusts and scratches. The use of these pads
can also lead to discoloring on your sink’s surface.
• Placing a rubber mat on your sink bottom attracts harmful bacteria, and can also blemish
your sink’s color and finish.
• Do not leave standing water in your sink as it can cause discoloration, especially when it
contains strong staining colors such as coffee, tea, or soda.
• Chlorine-based chemicals should not be left in your sink and should be heavily rinsed from
the surface.
• Do not use the sink as a cutting surface.


• Abrasive cleaning agents or scrub pads, such as Steel wool
• Straight bleach
• Commercial alkalis, such as ammonia and/or caustic solutions
• Drain blocking chemicals that involve filling the sinks with water

Care of Blanco SILGRANIT® II

Daily cleaning may be done with any non-abrasive cleaner (i.e. Bar keeper’s friend, Soft Scrub
with Bleach, or dishwasher soap). After every use, rinse and wipe the sink dry with a clean,
soft cloth to eliminate any water spots or soap film build-ups.
Normal Stains – for stains, please use a mild abrasive cleaner, along with a soft scouring pad.
Stubborn Stains – A solution of 50% bleach, 50% water should only be used for tough,
stubborn stains. Let the solution sit in the bottom of the sink for one hour; then scrub.
Rinse well. Also, the use of Bar Keeper’s Friend will help remove stubborn stains.
(NOTE: with Anthracite of Café Brown, sink must be rinsed thoroughly with hot water).
To remove Calcium deposits, use Lime Away or CLR cleaner.
Care of Stainless Steel Sinks

Care of Vitreous China

• Always test cleaning solution on small area before applying to entire sink
• Do not allow cleaners to soak on surface
• Wipe surfaces clean and rinse completely with water after applying cleaner
• Use a soft dampened sponge or cloth.
• Do not use any abrasive materials.